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Brew Noob
Hey everyone, I recently started brewing because my favorite brewery is Stone, but getting it out here is pretty tough so I started brewing in my garage back in September '18. I love big, malty beers, and love love love big hops. My first craft beer was Stone's Double Bastard and Ruination (I drank them because my brother left them in my fridge and, luckily, I was too lazy to go to the store) back in 2009 and I've been riding the craft wagon ever since. I started brewing with one of the Brooklyn Brew Shop 1 gallon kits and realized brewing is the hobby I've been looking for since moving out here in 2014 from San Diego. Since then, I've brewed a Bitter West Coast Session IPA (5.5% / 125 IBUs), a black IPA (4.3% / 115 IBUs), a Imperial Stout (9.2% / 86 IBUs), a Barleywine (9.8% / 100 IBUs), another IPA (7.5% / 112 IBUs), I have another Barleywine in the fermenter now (10.8% / 186 IBUs), and plan on brewing an Imperial IPA Sunday. Initially I started with propane and a Igloo cooler as my mash tun, and now I have a 3 tank system with a 15 gallon mash tun (for those 25lb grain beers) and I built a Raspberry PI controller to regulate my heating elements and pumps. My fermenter is a 90's stand up freezer I retfrofitted with a Inkbird temp regulator. I'm always looking for new recipes and really enjoy tweaking each recipe to make it different.
Learn something new, with every brew you brew

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