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Iron Brewer and Big Brew Day 2018
Thanks to the following: Gary & Tess for hosting the event, Bill for doing the ribs and sausage. Great job on it. Bernie & Dan for brewing. We did 10 gallons of honey pilsner and 5 gallons of the extract version. Matt, Jason, and Lloyd for judging IB beers. Sean for taking care of the crawfish, corn, and potatoes. Congrats to Lane for the winning Pilsner. He has earned the honor of choosing the style for next year. Welcome new club members Scott and Rick.
[Image: 31958757_2140205529353618_49227894662522...e=5BF36F3C]
[Image: 32105473_2140205346020303_37880385552305...e=5BF8EE3B]
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