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Just wanted to say hello to other fellow homebrewers. I am interested in learning more about homebrewing and meeting new people with much more experience than me as well. I am currently homebrewing beer, with a total of two brew days so far. I have a beginner set up to do extract brewing but I'm also looking forward to going all grain at some point. I am currently doing full boil extract with specialty grains. I'm having a blast! I will get to taste my first brew in about a week so I'm excited about that (American Amber Ale). 

I am a new member to the forum but have not joined the EBH yet. I live over in south Alabama but would consider joining the club and brewing with y'all. Are there still meet ups and brew days? Looking around the forum it looks like things may be slowing down or maybe I'm just not in the loop.

Hello again and looking forward to meeting y'all!
Welcome to the forum.

The club is moving as fast as it ever has. We have several meetings ever month. This forum is a new additional that we are trying to incorporate within the membership. The clubs primary communication is through email once you are a member. We try to keep the calendar at the top of this page updated as often as we can.

This link ( will get you in touch with Jim the club treasurer. He can tell you of the next meeting location and talk to you about the membership.

First brews are exciting and challenging. If you have any questions let us know.


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